3rd Thursday Potluck and Breath Workshop

Please join us tonight, September 20th, from 5:45-7:00 for a potluck dinner and Breath workshop at First Congregational Church in Essex Junction (the workshop will start at 6:30).


There are few things we do in life as much as breathing, yet we give it very little attention. Breathing well can calm or stimulate the nervous system depending on how you do it. The breath can also act as a focal point for a mindfulness practice. In a thirty minute session, we will practice breath awareness and a few breath cleansing activities, learn the differences between belly and chest breathing and then learn and practice a few breath techniques to engage the diaphragm, expand our breath capacity, and also to breath with as little effort as possible for calming meditation.

If you are interested in more resources about breathing, here is a very interesting article on breathing anatomy and biometrics.

For a more accessible article on breathing, try this from Yoga Journal.

Part one discusses the Science

Part two looks at some specific techniques (we will do these and a few more tonight).

Part three shows how to use these breath techniques in daily life


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