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Guys! Hey, Guys!!

Just today this podcast was suggested to me (the path that brought to the suggestion is an interesting story as well, but I’ll save that for another time. This podcast is an interview with Nischela Devi who, in the connected yoga world is, I guess, pretty well-known.

If you care at all about yoga, do yourself a favor, and listen to the full 90 minute podcast. There was so much that she offered that felt like it spoke directly to me. Things that have been brewing inside for a while that she gave voice to, and things that I plan on immediately putting into my practice, starting right now.

The podcaster, J. Brown, who conducted the interview is also something special. I’ll think of him for a while as the Marc Maron of the yoga world, although I don’t know how apt that description is, but I have subscribed to the rest of his podcasts as well.

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