…and then comes the sadness

Miss Little Liza Jane, apres la morte

Miss Little Liza Jane, apres la morte

This morning, I opened the coop up for the Ladies to do a bit of foraging before I left for work, and only three came out. I peeked into the roosting box and saw Miss Little Liza Jane crumpled in the corner, cold and stiff.

She had always been smaller than the rest, and rarely moved around or followed the other ladies on their adventures. We had worried about her wellbeing, but I didn’t see any symptoms that warranted a trip to the vet.

So, in a corner of the yard, next to the compost pile, there is a now a mound of fresh earth and a little wooden cross. Also, Mk was absolutely shattered when I told her this afternoon. She often takes these things pretty badly. Z managed to work up a few tears but it was clearly not weighing heavily on her mind.


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