Doctor, Doctor

I hate to admit it, but I am entirely susceptible to peer pressure. It has been years since I saw a Doctor Who episode (since the curly-headed dude with the egregiously long scarf) and, while I enjoyed it somewhat, it felt a little like eating granola, enjoyable, but hardly worth the effort of chewing that much.

However, its hard not to wonder why it has become so popular, especially since the new Doctor is also in one of my favorite comedies of recent years.

So, last night, I cut my teeth on the 2010 season, watching two episodes back to back. I was hooked from the opening credits. Great production values, snappy dialogue, and very interesting plots, at least so far.

Since I am dependent on Netflix and Amazon for my video entertainment these days, it’ll be a while before I can see the latest season, but I have a feeling a binge of all of the available seasons is about to commence.

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