Four legs good, two legs better!

Just came across this gem from the NYT:

A recent report in The New York Times described the muted reaction to Mr. Sisi’s speech last month before the United Nations General Assembly compared with its portrayal at home, where “the Egyptian news media is hailing his performance there as a transformational moment.”

You need to read the two articles side by side to really get a taste for how funny this is. I can’t decide if it was a deliberate mischaracterization of the Kirkpatrick’s article or intentional. And I can’t decide which would be worse :/


Four legs good, two legs better! — 1 Comment

  1. I don’t know. I don’t think it’s as sinister or as blundering as it may seem. Maybe it’s my compassion for people speaking a second language – but I did notice that one dictionary definition of AMUSED was “to hold the attention of (someone) pleasantly”. So when “the diplomats watched in amused silence”… I can understand how he might conclude that they “watched in a state of silent enjoyment.”

    He definitely didn’t get the subtleties of the language, but since I didn’t read what he wrote in Arabic, I don’t know how much of the article was an accurate representation of what he said either.

    Of course there is political bias, and the omission of Amr Adeeb’s commentary was no accident – but me being the softie that I am – after 10 years of Egyptians patiently enduring my attempts to speak Arabic, I feel bad being critical of their mistakes in translating something from English.

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