Jerusalem Trail

The magic day has finally arrived! That’s right, both girls. Out on a sleepover. And here’s how you know we’re middle aged. Last night we stayed in and watched a few episodes of Dr. Who. And then, this morning, we went down to Bristol and hiked a few miles up to the Long Trail. I’m planning a weekend trip next month and wanted to show Jessica how to get to Glen Ellen Lodge. I’m hoping she and the girls can meet me there for dinner one night and spend the night on the trail with me. The weather was amazing, and the hike was fantastic. I’m trying a new way to share photos. Please let me know if you’re able to see these:

Update: Some browsers can’t see the slide show I’ve embedded (not sure why), so, if you see a big white square, scroll down below it where I’ve linked to the album.

2014 September

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