Ms. Morissette, Table for One?

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Since early August, I’ve been trying to shift the balance of my posts away from Facebook and towards this website. I still have these posts automatically forwarded to Facebook and Twitter, since I feel like I’ve already got a pretty good audience there and the traffic on this website has been pretty dismal.

I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t have more people visiting this site, though. I mean, when I post something to FB, I usually get tons of responses. But here? Its been a digital ghost town (note to self: name next blog “digital ghost town”). My suspicions were confirmed when I asked my cousin if she’d seen any of my recent posts, and she hadn’t! FB has been giving me the high hat and stiffing me in their algorithm.

Well, that was just the final straw. In a move I’ve been contemplating since setting this blog up last year, I announced (directly on FB) that I’d be deleting my FB account and that, for some unspecified amount of time, folks that wanted to see my random posts and self-indulgent narcissism in its purest form, would have to come check out my website directly.

Well, the photo above says it all. In the 75 minutes since posting that announcement, I’ve had more visitors to this site than have been here in the last month. I’m going to wait until the morning to pull the plug on my FB account, and I hope folks stop by here every once in a while (or even leave a comment or two). I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to keep my fast up; I’m reminded of days in my early twenties when I would “quit smoking” for about 2 hours before breaking down and bumming a smoke from my room mate.

Nevertheless, I’m running out of addictive behavior to quit, so it was either this or I had to give up coffee. I’ll be at Lake Champlain Chocolates sipping on an Angry Aztec Latte if anyone needs me.

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