November 25th

one inch of white snow
summer’s last grass sticking through
like Sunday’s stubble

November 19th

The weather report
is more important to me
than it used to be

November 13th

Hummingbird feeder
glass jar, red plastic flower
sweet frozen water

November 12th

One thin cotton sheet
Ices over my morning
Warmed by daughters’ glee

November 10th

bare boned autumn trees
naked before the elements
the cold light blows through

October 29th

morning compost run
leaves green tracks through frosted grass
the hammock, empty.

October 27th

Garlic bulbs planted
six inches down six apart
just before the frost

October 26th

Snow on the mountain
viewed from the valley floor says:
“seal up the windows”

October 24th

chilly riding to work
traded cotton pants for lycra
‘sok, who needs cool?