The Facebook Effect

I don’t get much traffic here, which is a bummer, because, when I was on Facebook, it seemed like lots of people would read my posts or look at my photos.

Here was the traffic on the site yesterday:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 6.10.26 PM

For comparison, Jessica posted a link to the site last night to share photos from our hike and this is what the traffic looked liked today:
Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 6.10.12 PM


The Facebook Effect — 4 Comments

  1. Nobody said fighting The Man would be easy. :)

    I understand your point about wanting to share more long-form writing that is fairly impossible using the Facebook format, but it would seem to me that you’re shooting yourself in the foot a bit by not at least using FB as an advertising venue FOR that writing.

    Even if were just a daily headline type post alerting people that a new post exists, it would help to keep the word out there. Isn’t that sort of the whole idea of the FB “news feed”, anyway… a bunch of different sources each drawing you off site to their specific content?

    • Yes, but in this case (and only this case) I am “the man.” I do plan on returning at some point (once I no longer have to worry about a thousand felicitations), but right now, like with all of m other addictions, it is necessary to quit cold turkey. Although, to my shame, several times this last week, I snuck onto FB using Jessica’s account. But, I’ve been told, a relapse isn’t a failure.

  2. I read everything you write, as your posts show up in my email. However, I tend not to comment, and therefore I don’t go TO the site. Also, when notified that there are photos, etc. available to peruse, depending on time constraints, I may not view those either, at least not right away. So I feel like your “traffic” results might be a bit misleading. I enjoy your writing, but just like when I read Washington Post articles, letters to the editor won’t be forthcoming, as a general rule.

    • I do prefer having subscribers. But there are only six of you. Granted, they are the coolest six people in the world, but I’d be happy with a slightly broader audience.

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