Two Classes for the New Year

New Year’s Eve Day Flow: Wring Out the Old, Wring in the New

Monday, December 31 – 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Taught by Jonah​​​

This New Year’s Eve practice kicks off with a vigorous Flow, starting with Sun Salutations to honor the solar energies that warm and fill us with joy and enthusiasm. Moving into traditional standing and balancing postures to ground and align with the energies of the earth and sky.

Using deep, complete yogic breathing we learn to embrace both sides of the twist. Creating a movement from back to front along the axis of the spine. The breath spirals from the grounded base, hips and pelvis; up through the column of the spine, into the upper back, chest and shoulders. The whole body is involved in a twist. A seamless, connected awareness of the breath moving through the whole form integrates mind, body and energy.

In forward folds, we have a chance for deep introspection, a soothing of the nervous system and a calming of the mind. From this clear, open space we can lovingly let go of the old, and move fearlessly into the light of the New Year.

All levels welcome. Click here to reserve a spot.

New Year’s Day: Opening the Heart to a New Year: January 1, 2019

Tuesday, January 1 – 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Taught by Jonah

Celebrate the beginning of the new year with this moderately paced all-levels class. The practice will start with a focus on the breath, finding a moment of stillness to reflect on the past and set an intention for the future. As we move through our asana practice we will explore a complete functional movement pattern to lovingly let go of the past and make new open space for our intentions in 2019. The practice will include breath-based movement, balancing postures, back-bending, and heart-openers to cultivate a sense of open space and mobility. We will close with a deeply relaxing Savasana to seed the intentions of your resolve. 

All levels welcome. Click here to reserve a spot.

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