Jonah for President!!

Jonah for President!!

Six months ago, I checked myself into Fletcher Allen Urgent Care and had a Blood Sugar Level of 408. For comparison, according to WebMD, the normal level is considered to be below 100. A reading of 200 is enough for a doctor to diagnose a person with Diabetes Melitus. My entire world was thrown upside down.

Six days ago, I reached my goal of 180 lbs. I haven’t been this skinny since 1996. My blood sugar has been below normal for the last five months. Last month, my doctor told me, “the only bd news is that I won’t be seeing you as much.”

I’ll try to write more another day about how I got from there to here. It has been mostly because of the support of my family, who have made great allowances for me as I focused almost entirely on my health last Spring. I also think about how long I must have had diabetes to have a reading like 408. Coming back to America last year was a tough decision, but it may literally have saved my life.

For now, I’m still not out of the woods. Long term weight loss success is about 20%. Not as bad as the 5% that most people talk about, but still not the rosiest of pictures.
As the new school year begins, I’ve been trying to find an exercise regime that I can follow while still being an active member of my family, and trying to set a more realistic calorie level. I feel that if I make it through the upcoming holiday season, there is hope that my recovery may be long term.


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  1. Long term loss is 20%, but that is due to the fact that most weight loss is achieved via nutty diet programs that lose the weight fast, but that are not long-term sustainable. If you lose the weight slowly, by the old school method (eating less, but still balanced) the chances of long term success are high. I think I mentioned to you once that I went from 225 to 174 (where I am now) in a year, just making sure I stayed under a certain number of calories a day. By the time I was done, it was a habit, once that has stuck since. That was 6 years ago (that I was 225). I think once I ballooned up to 183 or so, but that’s about as heavy as I’ve been.

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