Best Teacher Award

This was just posted to Jessica’s wall:

IMGP6932A normal class day, or so it seemed. The guys were goofing around, singing and banging on the tables while you looked through your notes to pull out the next exercise. And as you walked to the middle of the classroom, the noise was dropping down. You suddenly threw the notes you had in your hand, started showing off your Egyptian dance moves along with our ‘tabla’ skills, and the noise grew louder and louder. That was when I realized I had known very little about what it means to be alive. I realized that it is as important to learn how to do a headstand as to know what vicissitudes means. That it is as important to write a heartfelt poem as to decipher the hidden meaning behind Things Fall Apart. And it is definitely as important to laugh at yourself as to be okay with losing the spelling bee to a simple a word as stupefy. Thank you for all those years of encouragement and love, and for things you don’t even know. Thank you.

I think it might have been her best birthday present ever.


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