Back to War?

I’m always wary when I agree with Andrew Sullivan 100% because, while I love his writing, his track record with foreign policy is… not so good. I might even go so far as to say that he has been on the wrong side of nearly every major foreign policy debate this millenia. Also, since dropping FB, the Dish is now my main news filter so there’s a real danger of becoming part of soe Sully echo chamber. That said, I opened this post just now and couldn’t find anything to disagree with. For example:

The obvious response of the US should be to coax and goad and guide a regional coalition against ISIS without direct intervention. And the core of that coalition must be Sunni, or this will devolve into one more ripple in the Shiite-Sunni ocean of mutual hatred and conflict.

I just don’t see how this is our fight. I am completely sympathetic to the plight of Iraqi and Syrian minorities who have and continue to suffer at the hands of ISIS (or ISIL?). But I am reminded of the advice my father recently gave me on parenting. He told me that, if it is more important to me than the kids, it is not going to happen.

There are states in the region who have real skin in the game, and who need to step up to meet the challenge of Salafi extremism head-on. The US can support those efforts in a wide variety of ways. But leading the effort? No way.


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