Egg Drop Version 1

This is Mk’s Prototype for her egg drop contest on Friday:

If it passes the “proof of concept” stage, she’s going to cover it in cardboard and tissue paper to look like a chicken.

Stage one test was to drop it from the roof.

She didn’t mean to drop it into the gravel window well.

But it survived.

So did I:

For stage two, I threw it as high as I could.

The results were not eggsactly great.

We’ll be back. The next step is to reinforce the sides with cardboard, maybe fill it with straw, and possibly add a parachute. She has also mentioned buying a helicopter and attaching it.


Egg Drop Version 1 — 4 Comments

    • Ha! I’ve had that hat since Earlham College. For added coolness, I’ve got my press card for when I worked at the Eastern Sierra News Service tucked into the ribbon.

  1. “For added coolness…”

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Your *daughter* on the other hand: “…has also mentioned buying a helicopter”.

    Now, *that’s* added coolness. :-)

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