Family Portraits

My phone is a better camera than my camera, at least in bright light. It’ll take me a while to develop a sense of using it well, but here are portraits of all of us taken this weekend:


Family Portraits — 7 Comments

  1. You are really freaking me out with that hat and the glasses, and I guess it’s your thinner face. You really like like Charles. If this were FB, I bet people would back me up on that.

    • I guess its a good thing I’m not on FB then ;)

      I asked my dad if he thought I looked at all like Charles when I wore the hat. His comment was, “sure, from the forehead up.”

      My hat wearing has stemmed from the fact that I appear to be losing my hair, and also that, with the weight loss, I’m much more sensitive to the cold. Hratch suggested wearing a hat, so I pulled this one out of the closet. Also, Mk was wearing it a lot (and looking much better in it than I do), but when she gets bored with it, I start wearing it just to keep it from getting crumpled.

  2. I totally see the resemblance to Charles — the jawline especially. But isn’t that because of the camera/phone angle from below?

  3. PS A big happy birthday to you, Jonah. I’m still checking in on FB and have loved seeing your pictures from hiking and family outings and the new house. Love,
    — Annie

    • Thanks! Actually, I’ve deleted my FB account. Although, as a student aptly commented a few days ago, this blog is just my own personal face book :/

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