Guess who has just disqualified his son from ever holding public office

This guy:

My brain registered the title of a web page in the middle of the history list before my eyes really focused on anything.
8:41 PM Free XXX Vids: Sheila, The Queen of Ana…

I expanded the Page Title column to see the whole thing and was dismayed, but not surprised, to find that Sheila was not the Queen of Analogies.

Bovy, “inspired by this article, [has written] a parental-overshare checklist, to go through before pitching a story about your kid”:

How would you feel if such an article existed about you? As in, from your childhood, by one of your parents? How would you have felt if you’d discovered such an article at 14, 17, 22?
Is what you’re sharing something you’d feel you had the authority to share, on that scale, about your best friend or partner?
Is there a way to address this issue without talking about your kid? Who is identifiable even if you’re a woman with a different last name from said kid? Who, even if reasonably unidentifiable (i.e. no first or last name given) will still read the article and know exactly whom “my daughter” refers to?

Fellow FBers take note. Even though your readership is (probably) smaller than that of the Atlantic, if it is online, it is forever.

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