It’s baaaaack!

I’ve been noticing a lot of my friends going on FB fasts (or at least announcing that they’re going to). I think more and more we are beginning to realize the insidious addictive and unfulfilling nature or routinely checking and updating statuses. Now that I’ve cut out sugar, my sources of serotonin bumps are perilously few, FB being one of the fewn remaining addictions (don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll find more).

I’ve tried to imagine reducing my FB usage, and it has become such a large part of my daily routine that my mind boggles at the prospect. Eliminating it altogether seems to be well nigh impossible. I don’t need to elaborate on its positive qualities; if you’re reading this, you most likely found it through FB and know how entertaining it can be. But addictions are scary things, regardless of the addictive substance, and so I am plotting a very, very gradual reduction in usage.

Thus this blog. Right now, there’s not much around, just a few half hearted posts from when I tried the same thing last November, but, hopefully, it will not only serve as a methadone for my FB addiction, but gradually improve and extend my writing — and serve as a organized library online library (one of the worst aspects of FB is how hard it is to find old posts).

Anyway, that’s my brief manifesto. Stay tuned :)

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