Karma Yoga Opportunity

You may have noticed my breathless announcement last month that I’ve been added to the schedule as a yoga teacher at Burlington Yoga. What I didn’t share was the weeks of deliberation before I signed on. I raised money from friends and family across the planet for my teacher training, and my equipment. I did so because I wanted to be able to offer free yoga from the outset. Offering yoga classes for free is how I get to practice my yoga. It is an opportunity to put into action the last words of my mantra: “That there may be more light and life on the planet, and all may have without buying.” So it was hard to make that transition into the studio system without feeling like a hypocrite. My rationalization went something like this:

  1. The students aren’t paying for the yoga, they are paying to keep the lights on (I got this from a great podcast with Nischala Devi).
  2. Teaching in the studio I like to practice in will deepen my own practice, and strengthen our Kula (a new Sanskrit word I learned from the studio owner, and my primary teacher: )
  3. The (very small) amount of money I earn from teaching can be used for appropriate karma activities.

So, as my first month is coming to an end, it was very lucky that I received an email about a very worthy fundraiser. In addition to donating my first month’s money to this cause, I’d like to invite all of you to consider donating as well. Forrest grew up in the community where I was first taught to meditate, his work as a documentary filmmaker is a direct continuation of the work done by my teachers there. Even as I write this, my heart is overflowing with joy. This is what brings more light and life to the planet.

I hope you consider making a contribution to this campaign.

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