L’enfer, c’est les autres efforts?

3.18 Miles

Last week I took the plunge and put an email on the Front Porch Forum (thanks for the tip, Jess!) that I was interested in a running partner. Unfortunately, I got a response. Fortunately, it was the father of one of Mk’s friends, and he’s running about the same speed as I am. Oddly enough, I ended up setting the pace, and we both ran faster than we had individually by almost four minutes. It confirmed my instinct that a partner would help me run better (it also got me up at 5:30 for the first time since May). This is why I’ve had such a problem getting a personal Yoga practice started. Other people, for whatever reason, are motivational. This is a major problem for an introvert who has totally taken Sartre’s words as a personal credo. This is also yet another example of how social media helps folks initiate face-threatening acts (big shout-out to Dr. Paul, who will never read this).

Here’s Brooks applying this phenomenon on a broader scale in a TED Talk:

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