Reality Check

Me too!! Me too!!

I’m sick of hearing about your damn emails!

In the cold light of the next morning’s reflection. I have to say that I was disappointed by last night’s debate. Considering that there really is very little disagreement among the five candidates, I would have hoped for a more detailed discussion of what policy differences they do have. Hillary said she is actually tougher on Wall Street speculators and big banks than Bernie, but neither candidate was specific enough about what they would do. Likewise on gun control, Bernie talked about his NRA rating and, to his credit, mentioned some specific policies, but Hillary, who tried hard to lambast him on this topic, never really specified what she would do differently, instead choosing to focus on the past. I couldn’t tell if their foreign policy proposals were different or not, and I was shocked that campaign finance, which, according to Bernie is the lynchpin of his campaign, did not come up at all. I, too, am sick of hearing about those damn emails (although I find her actions to be troubling and am happy that there is an FBI investigation into them) and I’m pretty sure that Anderson Cooper was doing his best to serve his constituency (the media which stand to make billions of dollars from this campaign) and ignore the elephant (sorry) in the room.

Ok, I’m done now. Good morning everyone.

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