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I just read this article about Birdman and it makes me wonder of the last ten years of crappy movies might be coming to a close:

Virtuoso cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (Gravity, The Tree of Life) filmed Birdman with a single camera in pieces that were edited together to resemble an unbroken two-hour ­tracking shot, which meant that each scene had to be captured in one take. “If it were judged like an athletic event, the difficulty of this movie would probably be record-setting, like extremely high,” says Keaton. “Everyone who lit the scene, acted in the scene, or handed you a prop had to be perfect.”

and then this line from Ed Norton:

“so none of us knew what it was actually about. It was like Rashomon; we all had our own ideas. It’s always a little meta when you have actors playing actors, but this was really funny because nobody, on either level, understood the play we were doing.”

For some reason, I’m still a sucker for anything with the word “meta” in it. How meta is it that I just wrote that? Answer: Not at all.

And then line from the director:

“Sometimes these films are just guys in nylon suits picking their asses, which is fine,” he says. “But the ones that pretend to be profound can have a fascist, right-wing point of view. The good guys are always right, and they use their powers to defeat the guys who aren’t on their side. If I made a superhero movie, the hero would die at the end, for being so full of certainty without having learned anything. That would be his lesson, to be dead.”

But then I watch this clip and realize that the movie as an art form is dead. Unless face spluging can be considered an art form.

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