Something’s Fishy Here

I heard this story on the way home this evening.

Mageau and his crew built floor-to-ceiling racks made of PVC pipe, an idea they got online and spent six months refining. Each rack looks sort of like a ladder. On the horizontal pipes, they drill holes in the top and stick a plant in each hole. Then they run nutrient-rich water from the fish tanks through the pipes, bathing the roots of the plants.

I love this idea of creating symbiosis in an agricultural system. There is a lot of this philosophy in the permaculture practices that the Dirtless Hippy likes to talk about.

Universities and private businesses across the country are experimenting with aquaponics.
“It’s kind of fun,” Mageau says. “It’s like the electric car. It’s almost a race to come up with the method or the model that really works well.”

It is also the project that my cousin, Arieh, was working on in Israel until recently. I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot more about this in the future. It kinda makes me wish I ate fish.

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