Viral Virusness goes virally viral

It says a lot that, even reading this article, I felt compelled to click on Zimmerman’s links.

Also, these gems from the original WSJ Article are worth quoting:

Mr. Zimmerman also keeps a running list of “hot” themes in his head. “It might be that right now, people don’t care about stories about cats that much, and instead, sloths are more popular,” he says. “So I’ll have a rule—cats are out, sloths are in, focus on sloths because that’s going to be your meal ticket.”

If your job depends on which furry animal is popular right now, you may want to rethink your job. Even if you’re very, very good at it.

And, apparently, some cats are more equal than others:

different cats will have moments where they’re popular: Grumpy Cat is not popular now, but maybe it’s Lil Bub.

As an aside, I would like to cheerfully report that I have NOT clicked on the Lil Bub link above. Can you say the same?


Update: Ok, I lasted resisted for 38 seconds. Trust me, it was not worth it, stay strong.

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