In class we wrote a bunch of sentences using our vocabulary. I just noticed that I like the structure of it as a poem. Here you go:

Your job will be obsolete next year.
This obsolete company was very famous.
Many services are becoming obsolete.
Newer media are rendering the book obsolete.
The feature phone become obsolete in 2004
Fax has already become obsolete.

The company’s manager will be outsourced next month.
Why not outsource the design of your personal website?
Perhaps our boss is going to outsource our job.
This part was outsourced from abroad.
I resigned from the company because it outsourced my job.
I don’t like this job because it was outsourced to Kentucky.
Some companies outsource the assembling of their products.

He is an attractive prospect
The prospect is cheerful.
What are your prospects for the future?
They went there to prospect for gold.
My project offers no prospects.
I have seen the bright prospect for my child.
My job is about the market prospects to know what people think and how to teach (convince, persuade) them to buy goods.
You can see the beautiful prospect when you climb the top of the mountain.

My friend is a security guard.
It is your duty to supervise the security affairs.
That fact threatens national security.
He works at a security company.
I’m looking for job security .
Yesterday, I called the security department.
That problem is a security matter.

The strategy of my company is to advertise widely.
You should develop strategies in order to go to the next level.
every student has different strategy in writing.
I learned a good strategy to save money.
We have to formulate a strategy for a sustainable environment.

I work at a sustainable company.
We need to opt for sustainable development.
Sustainable development is the common target of human beings.
The government should do more to promote sustainable agriculture.
My father has a company that produces sustainable growth.
My friend works in sustainably managing fishing rights.

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